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Discussion of Problem 1047. Simple Calculations

#WA4Alexandr1047. Simple Calculations30 Mar 2022 01:201  
Strange approachandreyDagger1047. Simple Calculations24 Sep 2021 18:050  
Considered several ways of solving the problem Mahilewets Nikita [BSUIR]1047. Simple Calculations10 Sep 2017 01:370  
n = 0 ?Dima1047. Simple Calculations7 Jan 2015 12:534  
No subjectRoyaLKoninA [Samara SAU]1047. Simple Calculations2 Nov 2014 16:440  
Help me, please!Jane1047. Simple Calculations25 Aug 2013 21:246  
Too interesting problem! And very simple.Andrew Sboev1047. Simple Calculations2 Jul 2012 21:590  
Use "Shuttle" (Thomas algorithm)orcchg1047. Simple Calculations23 Aug 2011 20:300  
The Mathematical method and its derivationjagatsastry1047. Simple Calculations10 Jun 2011 21:131  
What Does CRASH mean?Levan Khunjgurua[Tbilisi SU]1047. Simple Calculations24 Apr 2011 21:582  
For those who got WA#2MitRo1047. Simple Calculations27 Jun 2010 08:030  
dont use Javarauf (coder)1047. Simple Calculations5 Jun 2010 01:001  
Formulaevjava1047. Simple Calculations24 May 2010 21:352  
My solutionAlel1047. Simple Calculations15 May 2010 00:351  
WA1Samael500[It-Team]1047. Simple Calculations21 Apr 2010 02:030  
My solutionGerasim Petrov Velchev1047. Simple Calculations31 May 2009 15:410  
help! what wrong with my code?luocean1047. Simple Calculations9 Oct 2008 22:550  
Very,very,very bad test example!ENick(TNU)1047. Simple Calculations1 May 2008 15:070  
my AC solution is very simple sahand1047. Simple Calculations1 Mar 2008 22:490  
It's strangePursue Success1047. Simple Calculations1 Mar 2008 22:171  

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