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If you have TL 50 or ML 50andreyDagger1198. Jobbery25 Jan 2022 16:540  
what wanted in this problem?ruhulkuddus.cse@gmail.com1025. Democracy in Danger24 Jan 2022 19:110  
easy translation Mattiev Jamol1991. The battle near the swamp24 Jan 2022 14:413  
Test case N=0 (WA2)Aleksei Chernenkov1290. Sabotage24 Jan 2022 12:350  
If you have Runtime Error with Python solution at 8-19 testiron_orc1501. Sense of Beauty24 Jan 2022 03:270  
If you have WA#2 with Python solution but, for some reason, you are sure that your solution is a piece of Artiron_orc1192. Ball in a Dream23 Jan 2022 20:300  
I don't know what is wrong with my code, could I use stack here?JK Love1001. Reverse Root23 Jan 2022 03:460  
i solved dp[i] - the number of sequences of length i>>>1081. Binary Lexicographic Sequence23 Jan 2022 01:331  
ProofandreyDagger2003. Simple Magic22 Jan 2022 15:480  
AC. Take a look at my original solution :)Anton Smoliakov1785. Lost in Localization21 Jan 2022 11:280  
I got AC! Place your achievements here!Access Violation1567. SMS-spam21 Jan 2022 10:043  
Please add 32-bit G++ back.[ITMO] Semyon Stepanov20 Jan 2022 21:250  
Please update rustEgor Kulikov19 Jan 2022 18:040  
Be carefull: non utf-8 characters in testsEugene Krokhalev1074. Very Short Problem19 Jan 2022 05:480  
Reason for WA#13dezaixing1039. Anniversary Party18 Jan 2022 19:539  
Какой 3 тест?Николай Б2149. Pigeonhole Principle18 Jan 2022 19:000  
Rounding hintOlerinskiy1588. Jamaica16 Jan 2022 03:011  
Solutionmiro.v.k2068. Game of Nuts16 Jan 2022 02:514  
A common mistakeD_G1585. Penguins14 Jan 2022 22:282  
SPOILER: My proof on why solution idea worksJohn2025. Line Fighting14 Jan 2022 16:360  

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