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WA 4. Can anybody give some tests. You can see my code.Minayev {SESC USU}1146. Maximum Sum25 Sep 2020 19:102  
16 linesD4nick1576. Telephone Tariffs25 Sep 2020 17:040  
wa2 c++ sort with comparatormajorro1100. Final Standings25 Sep 2020 04:510  
What is mistake? 3 days of hard triesDmitriy2003. Simple Magic24 Sep 2020 16:284  
WA 4Anton Malyuta1297. Palindrome24 Sep 2020 07:111  
40+ tests, just for your "thanks"D4nick1488. ACM Poker24 Sep 2020 00:340  
give me hintquick(YarSU)1766. Humpty Dumpty23 Sep 2020 21:342  
Weak Test cases sagsango2034. Caravans23 Sep 2020 15:442  
If you get WA, try this test tooBigPolandBro1065. Frontier23 Sep 2020 00:060  
If you have WA @ 2198808xc1488. ACM Poker21 Sep 2020 23:524  
Weak tests [ЛЕСТЕХ] UstinovG`~1992. CVS21 Sep 2020 16:370  
My favorate answer to this question, but dunno y it is not fast enough.some_programming_novice2138. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly20 Sep 2020 23:231  
solutionWonsei2111. Plato20 Sep 2020 21:491  
Remember straight is better than flush, it's not real pockerD4nick1488. ACM Poker19 Sep 2020 23:510  
WA1. Is first test different, or it's problem with IO?Ionkin M [Samara SAU #617]1142. Relations19 Sep 2020 00:491  
WA17 hintD4nick2148. Insane Shot18 Sep 2020 20:560  
WA 9 hintD4nick2148. Insane Shot18 Sep 2020 17:440  
explanation for solution lostbrain1139. City Blocks16 Sep 2020 22:500  
test 2Arseniy2034. Caravans16 Sep 2020 21:582  
What's problem with my algo???gio_gio2034. Caravans16 Sep 2020 21:516  

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