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To admins (and python coders)yyll1006. Square Frames23 Jun 2021 20:481  
There is issue with Kotlin / Java checker.DENISKA(SSAU)22 Jun 2021 22:471  
Система проверки решений на Scala сломанаAnton Vorobyev22 Jun 2021 22:451  
No subjectshawn1131. Copying22 Jun 2021 13:370  
Test 10: RUB hasn't got 0.000 part. Рубль не имеет тысячной доли, так как минимальная часть - копейка - одна сотая.Keworker1688. Team.GOV!21 Jun 2021 12:100  
What is difficulty of correct solution?Zergatul2118. Ciphertext20 Jun 2021 23:241  
If you get WA #3Deepesson1177. Like Comparisons20 Jun 2021 15:501  
If you have WA7.Keworker1617. Flat Spots19 Jun 2021 22:300  
You can use this table for easy AC.Keworker1197. Lonesome Knight19 Jun 2021 11:210  
how to solveDenis1614. National Project “Trams”17 Jun 2021 22:2417  
Stack OverflowNight1553. Caves and Tunnels17 Jun 2021 20:272  
Newtonyyll1475. Ryaba Hen17 Jun 2021 14:460  
WA 28 ???Aleksander1346. Intervals of Monotonicity16 Jun 2021 21:183  
WA#4Shohruh1927. Herbs and Magic16 Jun 2021 15:080  
выдает runtime error pythonana1005. Stone Pile16 Jun 2021 03:220  
what does that mean? " which are the number of the immediate superior"Giorgi Pataraia [Tbilisi SU]1890. Money out of Thin Air15 Jun 2021 23:011  
weak testsVit Demidenko1099. Work Scheduling15 Jun 2021 21:000  
Getting MLE for this:||Reza Gharaghani1306. Sequence Median15 Jun 2021 13:140  
#WA3 need test casejim1788. On the Benefits of Umbrellas15 Jun 2021 03:301  
Hintyyll1509. Domino Recognition14 Jun 2021 17:230  

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