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Time limit exceeded on test 9Andrei Rezus1183. Brackets Sequence2 Dec 2020 20:140  
C# что не так?Skylock1785. Lost in Localization1 Dec 2020 19:381  
WA# 21Anton [SUrSU]1279. Warehouse1 Dec 2020 00:253  
WA#9Zergatul2027. URCAPL, Episode 130 Nov 2020 03:040  
The shortest programAlex Tolstov (Vologda STU)1408. Polynomial Multiplication29 Nov 2020 17:2511  
Why move the hand?[SPb NRU ITMO] Niyaz Nigmatullin1124. Mosaic29 Nov 2020 00:321  
Can I get test #1 ?Andreas Mihaloianis1004. Sightseeing Trip28 Nov 2020 19:095  
Some thoughts about problem(can be considered as hint).LaVuna [NULP]1223. Chernobyl’ Eagle on a Roof28 Nov 2020 14:060  
WA3Zergatul2101. Knight's Shield28 Nov 2020 02:480  
[Hint] If you got TLE with segment treehadooken2062. Ambitious Experiment28 Nov 2020 02:081  
be careful about "%"Vlad1243. Divorce of the Seven Dwarfs27 Nov 2020 22:520  
plz help wa#3 python3.6Bazeev Damir`~1727. Znaika's Magic Numbers27 Nov 2020 21:551  
WA 3FBI2002. Test Task26 Nov 2020 15:4213  
No subjectAlina_malina20081601. AntiCAPS25 Nov 2020 21:060  
Optimize your solution if you got TLE. wiwi2102. Michael and Cryptography25 Nov 2020 20:010  
To everybody who had solved this problemRenat Mullakhanov1188. Library25 Nov 2020 01:564  
if you have WA12 or WA20 try this testsD4nick1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome25 Nov 2020 01:370  
TLE#9 C# how make it faster? =(Shamov Roman1671. Anansi's Cobweb24 Nov 2020 12:501  
If you have MLE.wiwi1635. Mnemonics and Palindromes22 Nov 2020 16:440  
Look up Fermat's last theoremYongye1349. Farm22 Nov 2020 14:120  

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