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Why p is prime?Dirichlet1560. Elementary Symmetric Functions3 Dec 2021 20:366  
What's in the 2nd test?Glumaks2066. Simple Expression3 Dec 2021 19:081  
Мне жалко этого дедушкуВиталий Черков1457. Heating Main3 Dec 2021 09:165  
Hint for everybody! : )Pavel Nikolov1084. Goat in the Garden2 Dec 2021 10:066  
Формула Пика ван лав!!!Egor Sibriaev1139. City Blocks2 Dec 2021 03:311  
C++ wrong answer test1hjkhg1877. Bicycle Codes30 Nov 2021 13:382  
Test 10 Division by zeroandreyDagger1291. Gear-wheels29 Nov 2021 16:591  
For WA#12springWaltz1145. Rope in the Labyrinth29 Nov 2021 14:491  
give me some test please!!!bilol1701. Ostap and Partners28 Nov 2021 23:447  
Stupid task (RTE 13)andreyDagger1941. Scary Martian Word28 Nov 2021 11:471  
Pay attentionandreyDagger1007. Code Words27 Nov 2021 17:071  
My stupid solutionandreyDagger1407. One-two, One-two27 Nov 2021 13:251  
WA 7 = mind the coordinate order in the outputOtrebus1486. Equal Squares26 Nov 2021 19:002  
Visual C++ copilerssasha_clear26 Nov 2021 17:131  
wa9Лев1795. Husband in a Shop25 Nov 2021 23:391  
If you get WA9Mescheryakov_Kirill [SESC17]1795. Husband in a Shop25 Nov 2021 23:182  
How to avoid overflowandreyDagger1513. Lemon Tale24 Nov 2021 12:581  
Another easy approachandreyDagger1229. Strong Brickwork24 Nov 2021 10:531  
Why WA1?Peshkov [57 lyceum tlt]1229. Strong Brickwork24 Nov 2021 10:502  
lol tle 42>>>1915. Titan Ruins: Reconstruction of Bygones24 Nov 2021 07:591  

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