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Discussion of Problem 1073. Square Country

Some tipsirinaguseva1073. Square Country13 Nov 2021 00:260  
Please give me some tests.Thank in advance!!!!Search1073. Square Country13 May 2021 16:111  
How could we solve this problem by DP?HowieMa1073. Square Country29 Mar 2020 14:232  
WA at test#5Gopesh Tulsyan1073. Square Country5 Oct 2016 10:304  
WA test 10 |:havij41073. Square Country29 Jul 2016 10:331  
Same as the Coin Change ProblemErik Arakelyan(AUA)1073. Square Country17 Jun 2016 15:080  
Tests and answers.Grandmaster1073. Square Country11 Feb 2016 18:040  
Help anybodyELDVN1073. Square Country20 Dec 2015 23:220  
Test 4 Wrong Answermihai.alpha1073. Square Country11 Oct 2015 17:360  
How to make this code faster?? Please, helpNajmaddin Akhundov1073. Square Country12 Jul 2015 10:393  
WA14 pls helpmoshcode1073. Square Country16 Dec 2014 16:010  
HintMarius Žilėnas1073. Square Country24 Oct 2013 16:460  
Lagrange's four-square theorem and its implementation with AC solution in C#Hikmat Ahmedov1073. Square Country24 Oct 2013 15:371  
1073 - square countrygogreen1073. Square Country22 Apr 2013 22:150  
why i have WA#1alexdeg1073. Square Country30 Mar 2013 13:161  
easy searchArtem Ladik1073. Square Country8 Feb 2013 11:255  
Weak tests?hatred [Ivanovo SPU]1073. Square Country20 Jan 2013 02:001  
can anyone send me solution of this question? please ! (my mail is: erzhan_jktl@mail.ru)Erzhan Shaniev1073. Square Country3 Jan 2013 08:381  
WA 14!!!!Toy1073. Square Country3 Jan 2013 08:110  
WA 14Irina1073. Square Country1 Nov 2012 19:280  

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