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Discussion of Problem 1133. Fibonacci Sequence

Can someone explain me why's that test case is impossible?Ivan1133. Fibonacci Sequence14 Aug 2022 02:330  
On G++ we can use __int128Igor Parfenov1133. Fibonacci Sequence1 Aug 2022 02:140  
for runtime error on 10Abid291133. Fibonacci Sequence9 Mar 2021 13:080  
To Get AC test 10 on c++i_akash1133. Fibonacci Sequence1 Jun 2018 16:560  
Hints for WA15Ade1133. Fibonacci Sequence13 Mar 2017 20:160  
WA #2Vishakha Banka1133. Fibonacci Sequence22 Jan 2017 19:520  
WA8 with formulasDaniel Mahu1133. Fibonacci Sequence15 Oct 2016 18:471  
Please help me Wa15, in c++ with BINARY SEARCHFibo1133. Fibonacci Sequence15 Sep 2016 04:395  
Take care of your Binary Search !!!!!!!Eazy jobb1133. Fibonacci Sequence13 Jun 2016 14:121  
One test[MAI] Zhigireva Alex1133. Fibonacci Sequence13 Jun 2016 14:081  
Hint: AC in Python 2.7SRC1133. Fibonacci Sequence29 Jul 2015 15:410  
Bugurt threadEvgeny Shulgin1133. Fibonacci Sequence15 May 2015 01:441  
What is TEST 2?bluestar1133. Fibonacci Sequence26 Mar 2015 14:492  
WA 5. WTF?nexerd1133. Fibonacci Sequence17 Mar 2015 21:410  
A simple way to correct solutionolpetOdessaONU [1 2/3]1133. Fibonacci Sequence18 Feb 2015 14:273  
HINTs for WA15Erko1133. Fibonacci Sequence4 Nov 2014 22:236  
Got Wrong Answer on Test3Gevorg Soghomonyan1133. Fibonacci Sequence17 Sep 2014 21:252  
WA15 with C++ but AC with Pythonlennon3101133. Fibonacci Sequence13 May 2014 08:430  
You should test this data!(+)Ural_Banyan Tree1133. Fibonacci Sequence21 Dec 2013 20:545  
WA #9 Hintcanis_lupus1133. Fibonacci Sequence8 Nov 2013 21:231  

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