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Discussion of Problem 1285. Thread in a Hyperspace

WA16andreyDagger`~1285. Thread in a Hyperspace13 Mar 2023 21:320  
test 30????????gooooooogol1285. Thread in a Hyperspace11 Jun 2018 18:210  
Problem 1285 "Thread in a Hyperspace" has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1285. Thread in a Hyperspace3 May 2018 17:242  
same as 1075ssor961285. Thread in a Hyperspace2 Mar 2018 18:000  
WA #1 Why???B@R5uk1285. Thread in a Hyperspace21 Dec 2017 22:272  
Your tests are incorrect.-XraY-1285. Thread in a Hyperspace1 Oct 2012 12:581  
WA #26SS(Batyr' Olexandr)1285. Thread in a Hyperspace7 Nov 2011 17:311  
WA#16TheDreamCatcher1285. Thread in a Hyperspace17 Jun 2011 16:181  
to Judges.ACM.Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1285. Thread in a Hyperspace29 Sep 2010 17:486  
Geometrical questionSamsonov Alex [USU]1285. Thread in a Hyperspace20 Aug 2009 00:271  
To Judges. Tests!Yermak1285. Thread in a Hyperspace8 Oct 2008 17:591  
What's wrong? Tests' incorect?pperm1285. Thread in a Hyperspace25 Sep 2007 09:523  
Problem 1285 "Thread in a hyperspace". Tests have been updated (-)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1285. Thread in a Hyperspace26 May 2006 13:090  
Some clarifications (+)Michael Rybak (accepted@ukr.net)1285. Thread in a Hyperspace10 Feb 2006 04:030  
I think tests are incorrect. Check it please.Borisov Nikita1285. Thread in a Hyperspace5 Jan 2006 06:030  
Give me some TestsVALERO1285. Thread in a Hyperspace23 Mar 2005 19:591  
Why R in test is non-negative, but R must be positive?root-11285. Thread in a Hyperspace3 Jun 2004 14:160  

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