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Discussion of Problem 1303. Minimal Coverage

greedy works!khdz1303. Minimal Coverage14 Jan 2022 10:281  
dp - O(m^2)>>>1303. Minimal Coverage21 Nov 2021 19:100  
WA #3raulm1303. Minimal Coverage18 Jul 2021 20:593  
If you are having troubleurmat1303. Minimal Coverage9 Feb 2020 01:500  
WA 4M@STeR.SoBG1303. Minimal Coverage5 Sep 2019 14:458  
solution hintsimaginary friend1303. Minimal Coverage17 Feb 2018 04:300  
If you want a solution Mahilewets1303. Minimal Coverage1 Jun 2017 11:370  
I use greedy algorithm and get WA 1Ekaterina Chumbarova1303. Minimal Coverage29 May 2017 02:501  
All tests in forum didn't help me :( WA5Rocky.B1303. Minimal Coverage14 Mar 2017 15:261  
Clarification WA#2ACSpeed - Nguyen Khac Tung1303. Minimal Coverage3 Feb 2016 07:222  
If you WA#14Accelarator1303. Minimal Coverage30 Nov 2015 11:430  
If you WA#4Accelarator1303. Minimal Coverage30 Nov 2015 11:380  
WA 10aslan74701303. Minimal Coverage18 Mar 2015 20:340  
To Admins† SiriuS † [TWYT Union]1303. Minimal Coverage16 May 2014 11:281  
WA14 Access violationHavard1303. Minimal Coverage15 Apr 2014 04:183  
If you have WA5 (+)Ikari [pskov] - Andrey Marchenko1303. Minimal Coverage9 Apr 2014 11:434  
I have some questions....hello1303. Minimal Coverage7 Apr 2014 21:152  
How to save the path to solution if using DP.hliu201303. Minimal Coverage21 Oct 2013 20:281  
JUDGES!!! SEE HERE!!!!DonNTU Team (Akulshin, Belikov, Trofimenko)1303. Minimal Coverage11 Aug 2013 19:051  
To admins : two possible answerssylap1303. Minimal Coverage21 Jun 2013 00:560  

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