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Discussion of Problem 1438. Time Limit Exceeded

Test 14Zergatul1438. Time Limit Exceeded17 Jul 2021 18:221  
if u have wa 8Dmitriy1438. Time Limit Exceeded28 Feb 2021 17:010  
Some hintsFetisov Alex [USTU Frogs]1438. Time Limit Exceeded1 Dec 2018 01:433  
Some clarificationsknok161438. Time Limit Exceeded31 Oct 2018 20:250  
test case 9 is invalidShen Yang1438. Time Limit Exceeded17 Apr 2018 21:522  
If you have WA#9rkhapov1438. Time Limit Exceeded16 Jul 2016 18:440  
TLE #10rkhapov1438. Time Limit Exceeded9 Jun 2016 20:490  
OLE on test #4rkhapov1438. Time Limit Exceeded29 May 2016 23:013  
If you have WA#8Izaron1438. Time Limit Exceeded22 May 2016 14:240  
ACvtalgo16_vgubarev1438. Time Limit Exceeded26 Mar 2016 17:182  
I have WA#5! is this Input is correct?{AESC USU} Evgeny Kurpilyanskij1438. Time Limit Exceeded16 Oct 2015 17:542  
who knows test3?YSYMYTH1438. Time Limit Exceeded16 Oct 2015 05:551  
WA Test 6Mikle1438. Time Limit Exceeded18 Mar 2014 01:370  
Names of variablesMikle1438. Time Limit Exceeded17 Mar 2014 23:540  
Change reading if you got WA9crdp1438. Time Limit Exceeded5 May 2013 12:020  
WA on Test 4?Alexey Dergunov [Samara SAU]1438. Time Limit Exceeded21 Nov 2012 13:370  
Test 6Fyodor Menshikov1438. Time Limit Exceeded2 Aug 2012 16:072  
OLE #4 I think I need help~~ChenXiangRu1438. Time Limit Exceeded11 Sep 2010 05:513  
Hey! Second test (in sample) is wrong!!!AterLux1438. Time Limit Exceeded11 Sep 2010 05:491  
Test #4 is incorrect or wrongAlias (Alexander Prudaev)1438. Time Limit Exceeded11 Sep 2010 02:554  

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