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Discussion of Problem 1486. Equal Squares

Качественные полосовые завесы ПВХViper1486. Equal Squares2 Oct 2023 18:070  
Покупка в онлайн магазине кроссовок Найк Аир ФорсViper1486. Equal Squares2 Oct 2023 14:220  
TLE 10👑TIMOFEY👑1486. Equal Squares26 Aug 2023 08:450  
Any solution other than hashing?Tianyi1486. Equal Squares30 Apr 2023 23:482  
WarningZeardoe1486. Equal Squares14 Jul 2022 13:160  
WA7Eray1486. Equal Squares13 Jul 2022 06:561  
Weak testsVedernikoff Sergey1486. Equal Squares20 Dec 2021 12:321  
WA test #11Pascal or C++1486. Equal Squares20 Dec 2021 12:324  
going craaaaaaazy!Rachel1486. Equal Squares20 Dec 2021 12:101  
WA 7 = mind the coordinate order in the outputOtrebus1486. Equal Squares26 Nov 2021 19:001  
binary searchAnwar1486. Equal Squares5 Jun 2020 16:061  
WA#10Artem Khizha [DNU]1486. Equal Squares17 Sep 2018 18:513  
Problem 1486 "Equal Squares" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1486. Equal Squares11 May 2017 19:551  
give me some hints pleaseLion1486. Equal Squares11 May 2017 16:541  
what's the best order?hoan1486. Equal Squares7 Sep 2016 18:451  
give me the ideas of solution pleaseIlya Filippov (Petrozavodsk SU)1486. Equal Squares28 Nov 2010 08:301  
1x1 squaresAlexander Sokolov [MAI]1486. Equal Squares16 Apr 2008 13:432  
Could you give me some tests?I WA on test 8tantian1486. Equal Squares14 Jun 2007 11:300  
TLE10PSV1486. Equal Squares28 Apr 2007 22:145  

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