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Discussion of Problem 1592. Chinese Watches

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weak testsfalicos1592. Chinese Watches11 Aug 2017 21:181  
help me WA20Sunnat1592. Chinese Watches18 Aug 2014 02:262  
wa #13Igor Sarcevic1592. Chinese Watches24 Jun 2014 22:192  
WA7 Can anybody help me?Skrebnev1592. Chinese Watches20 Jan 2014 02:028  
WA 8. Can anybody give me some tests or hints, thanks in anticipation!YurecMolodec1592. Chinese Watches3 Dec 2013 04:021  
WA #8Levon Oganesyan1592. Chinese Watches29 Nov 2013 16:491  
Test for WA9Игорь1592. Chinese Watches12 Jan 2012 20:462  
Mistake in statementOpenGL1592. Chinese Watches18 Nov 2009 17:153  
Can anyone help me on this problem? I need some hints.Megatron1592. Chinese Watches25 Sep 2009 18:281  
What's the correct answer for 3 watches 12:00:00, 4:00:00, 8:00:00?Igor Dex1592. Chinese Watches22 Aug 2009 16:254  
Weak tests!OpenGL1592. Chinese Watches2 Jun 2009 02:094  
WA#3Dejan Mijic1592. Chinese Watches3 Apr 2009 23:531  
WA #3Aleksandar Ivanovic1592. Chinese Watches2 Apr 2009 19:221  
Why WA#3?Nisarg Shah1592. Chinese Watches2 Apr 2009 19:203  
Why WA5?mier1592. Chinese Watches19 Dec 2008 08:572  
Test 14 WA, please helpKant SU -Dmitry - DIVAN1592. Chinese Watches16 Dec 2008 20:289  
Some useful test here(+)Aram Shatakhtsyan1592. Chinese Watches11 Jan 2008 18:571  
test 18 (1592)lain SSAU1592. Chinese Watches28 Oct 2007 02:021  

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