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Discussion of Problem 1718. Rejudge

No subjectandreyDagger1718. Rejudge12 Oct 2021 10:400  
WA7. Who can help me?Programmer1718. Rejudge3 Jan 2014 01:032  
WA13 , Any Example Test casesbalbasaur1718. Rejudge7 Oct 2013 23:300  
what is outcome change?melkiy1718. Rejudge27 May 2013 13:012  
Test 14[SESC USU] Zhirov Eugene1718. Rejudge14 Mar 2012 19:350  
WA#9 Tests that could helpACSpeed - Nguyen Khac Tung1718. Rejudge18 Dec 2011 17:151  
When the minimal number of authors is not zero?dibrov4bor[SumySU]1718. Rejudge18 Dec 2011 16:3112  
Please help me! I can't understand why my code get WA 8 :((Try_to_try1718. Rejudge19 Aug 2011 19:180  
No subject[SESC USU] Kungurtsev1718. Rejudge10 Jul 2011 14:420  
Here is a test that helped metiancaihb1718. Rejudge9 Jun 2011 13:304  
wa #3 helppppppp plsh1ci1718. Rejudge11 Aug 2010 14:122  
Why WA13,please helpahmedov(NUUz_2)1718. Rejudge8 Jan 2010 14:219  
Answer to this tests plsNurtayev Elmurod1718. Rejudge1 Dec 2009 02:073  
Crash #3Muzaffar [Al-Khorazmiy 5]1718. Rejudge2 Nov 2009 16:440  
Why crash on test #3team51718. Rejudge2 Nov 2009 15:120  
when 6-th test is removed, the 7-th became the 6-th??melkiy1718. Rejudge16 Oct 2009 01:433  
help me!! WA Mostafa_angel1718. Rejudge10 Oct 2009 17:090  
Plz help me!wcwswswws1718. Rejudge10 Oct 2009 17:070  
Explain meMcArchuk1718. Rejudge10 Oct 2009 16:050  
questions to inputBaurzhan1718. Rejudge10 Oct 2009 14:111  

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