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Discussion of Problem 1820. Ural Steaks

Помогите понять мою ошибкуRomanchillihotpepper1820. Ural Steaks8 Oct 2021 11:400  
Why wrong answer? Is author crazy? Code is all right! В чём неправильный ответ? Автор шизик? Код нормальный, и всё правильно.Vlad Polukarov1820. Ural Steaks2 Feb 2021 19:390  
1820 Ural Steaks Explained - Simply - Accepted Solution - Read it before you startManoj Pathak1820. Ural Steaks13 Nov 2020 14:502  
Не принимаетSkrom1820. Ural Steaks23 Feb 2019 07:464  
why is my code not accepted? Visual C Niloy1820. Ural Steaks6 Aug 2018 21:531  
what is the 30 testBekzat1820. Ural Steaks6 Feb 2018 23:312  
answer/ответ JavaVinchester1820. Ural Steaks4 Apr 2017 19:000  
C ++ error in test's, but code is correctpolskyLIDER1820. Ural Steaks5 Mar 2017 13:150  
WA java8Faizulinda1820. Ural Steaks1 Mar 2017 18:040  
WA #8 javamehdi_wm1820. Ural Steaks23 Jan 2017 20:073  
34 WAVadimzzz1820. Ural Steaks15 Dec 2016 12:561  
Problem 1820 Ural Steaks has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1820. Ural Steaks24 Oct 2016 12:310  
Java 1.8Riot1820. Ural Steaks15 Sep 2016 16:321  
Where is error? test 17DSamokhina1820. Ural Steaks29 May 2016 23:590  
Test #13 (Java 1.8)Landsknecht1820. Ural Steaks7 Mar 2016 13:591  
Wrong set of testg00d1820. Ural Steaks22 Nov 2015 20:220  
What is in 30 test?Philipp Lugovoy1820. Ural Steaks3 Oct 2015 14:490  
wtf WA TEST#8 PLS HELP ANYONE Akash_Cross1820. Ural Steaks24 Sep 2015 22:494  
I am getting this error Runtime error (non-zero exit code). please help.Md. Salahuddin1820. Ural Steaks29 Aug 2015 13:060  
Why two equal Java codes give different results? (test #13)Ivan Avdonin (Vologda ML)1820. Ural Steaks3 Aug 2015 07:090  

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