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Discussion of Problem 1565. The Duel for Three

Why WA#4?
Posted by LX&R Bacherikov [KNU] 27 Nov 2007 20:49
I see many people had this WA. Can someone give me a hint about it?
I think it will be useful for others.
Re: Why WA#4?
Posted by Razdolbay from SIS 3 Dec 2007 02:17
I had WA 4 because of wrong supposition:

let probabilities are p0=1.0, p1, p2
p1 > p2
"p1" always should shoot into "p0"
"p2" always should shoot into the air
Re: Why WA#4?
Posted by LX&R Bacherikov [KNU] 15 Dec 2007 13:27
Thank you! There are really much more cases.
Re: Why WA#4?
Posted by Otrebus 10 Oct 2021 22:27
Another way is to type (i-1) instead of (1-i) somewhere in your code without noticing and then spend 90 minutes going over the code and try to figure out how your logic could possibly be wrong.