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Discussion of Problem 1992. CVS

Weak tests
Posted by [ЛЕСТЕХ] UstinovG`~ 21 Sep 2020 16:37
All operations except clone work O(1) in my program, but clone works in O(n). Despite that fact, my solution works in 0.218s
Re: Weak tests
Posted by Sandro (USU) 27 Sep 2020 14:29
New tests were added. Thank you.

Edited by author 27.09.2020 14:29
Re: Weak tests
Posted by EVGENIY PEREZHOGIN 13 Mar 2023 13:39
Tests not check memory leaks, but check amount of used memory... Its weard. If you dont copy robot's stacks and just relink pointers, tests not check that you have lost memory
Learn 1 1
Learn 1 2
Learn 1 n
Clone 1
Rollback 1
Rollback 2
Rollback 1
Rollback 2
Learn 1 1
Learn 1 n

In my solution in the end youll have n losted  elements and n new elements in 1 robot that is assimptotically equal to copy all stacks