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NEERC 2014, Eastern subregional contest

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K. Riding a Toad

Time limit: 1.0 second
Memory limit: 64 MB
A tribe of leafmen live in the old forest. Leafmen are very tiny and fast, that’s why we can’t notice them even when they are under our very nose. Leafmen guard the forest unceasingly, protecting it from evil creatures.
A young leafman Nod has occasionally found out that hostile tribe of boggans is planning to make a raid to leafmen’ palace and kidnap their queen. It’s urgent to warn general Ronin about this to make him send his warriors and tighten security of the palace. Nod whistled for his tame hummingbird, but it didn’t appear, it must have had gone hunting on blackflies. Then Nod saddled up a big toad and rode it towards the general’s garrison.
Problem illustration
The garrison is surrounded by a wall with width l. On the height h from the ground the wall has a small cylindrical hole with diameter d. This hole is used by leafmen to get inside flying on hummingbirds. But it’s not an easy thing for a toad to jump into it. Then to draw the guards’ attention Nod decides to take a small stone and throw it into the hole while the toad is jumping. The toad is at distance L from the wall and can make one jump with initial speed (vxvy). At any moment while the toad is in the air and its x coordinate is less than x coordinate of the wall outer surface Nod can throw a stone with an absolute initial speed (uxuy). The stone should fly into the hole not touching its floor or ceiling. Determine the moment when Nod should throw the stone.
You may assume that both the toad and the stone are not affected by any powers except gravity, giving it down-directed acceleration g.


The first line contains integers L, h, l, d (1 ≤ L, h, l, d ≤ 1000). The second line contains integers vx, vy, ux, uy (1 ≤ vx, vy, ux, uy ≤ 1000). X-axis is horizontal and directed towards the wall, Y-axis is up-directed. Let’s assume gravity acceleration equal 10. All distances are given in meters, all speeds in meters per second.


If Nod can throw the stone into the hole output the moment of time when he should throw it with absolute or relative precision 10−6. The moment of the toad’s take-off should be taken as the initial moment. If there are several moments when it is possible to throw the stone output any of them. Your answer should be such that throwing the stone 10−6 second sooner or later it won’t touch the wall. It is guaranteed that if some answer exists then there is the answer satisfying this constraint. If it is not possible to throw the stone into the hole, output “-1”.


4 2 2 4
1 1 5 10
30 15 5 5
10 10 20 10
Problem Author: Nick Burlakov
Problem Source: NEERC 2014, Eastern subregional contest
To submit the solution for this problem go to the Problem set: 2022. Riding a Toad