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Ural Regional School Programming Contest 2014

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I. Conspiracy Theory and Rebranding

Time limit: 1.0 second
Memory limit: 64 MB
Problem illustration
Today is a great day! The Secret World Government has entrusted you with the task of rebranding the sign whose roots stretch back to ancient times. According to the trend of interface flattening promoted by technological subsidiaries of the World Government (see Windows 8 and iOS 7), the new logo will be implemented as a triangle drawn on a plane.
Of course, the logo must be highly conspiratorial, that is why it will contain a cryptic message expressed in special values of the lengths of its sides. Since the message is cryptic, you won’t know these values. The logo will be placed on the main page of the World Government’s secret website, which is adapted for viewing on rereretina displays. It is well known that displays of this type use Cartesian coordinate system. If the coordinates of at least one vertex of the triangle are not integers, the lengths of the sides can be distorted and the secret message won’t be delivered to recipients.
To unravel this tangle of secrets, you decided to write a program for finding a location of a triangle with given lengths of sides on a plane such that all the vertices would have integer coordinates. Then the World Government’s high-ranking officials will be able to run your program and get a new logo without you knowing the secret lengths. It’s time to start!


The only input line contains three positive integers not exceeding 107; they are the lengths of the sides of the triangle. The integers are separated with a space. It is guaranteed that the lengths of sides satisfy the triangle inequality.


If the required triangle doesn’t exist, output “-1” (without quotation marks). Otherwise, output three pairs of integers with absolute values not exceeding 108, which are the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle in arbitrary order. The integers must be separated with a space and/or line breaks. If there are several answers, output any of them.


4 3 5
0 0
3 4
3 0
10 17 21
0 0
0 21
-8 15
100 100 100
Problem Author: Alexey Danilyuk
Problem Source: Ural Regional School Programming Contest 2014
To submit the solution for this problem go to the Problem set: 2032. Conspiracy Theory and Rebranding