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Timus Top Coders: First Challenge

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J. Crime and Punishment

Time limit: 0.5 second
Memory limit: 64 MB


Petty bureaucrat Victor Thiefton was disposed towards stealing from his childhood. But one day after pulling his hand out of the state pocket again, he realized that justice was not asleep. What should he do to escape inevitable punishment?
Mr. Thiefton has once heard that in accordance with the criminal legislation standards he would be condemned to long imprisonment for a theft whereas in case of a peculation he could escape with a suspended sentence only. So if the most part of stolen money is peculated, the duration of imprisonment will be reduced.


The same evening Mr. Thiefton burst into "MegaApril" superstore and rushed for overflowing storefronts carrying a purse with N stolen dollars. It appeared that unlimited number of high-quality goods and goods at moderate price were on sale in the superstore. High-quality goods cost A dollars per piece, and goods at moderate price cost B dollars per piece. Victor should spend as much stolen money as possible to reduce the duration of imprisonment to a minimum.


The only line contains the integer numbers A, B and N (1 ≤ A, B, N ≤ 2∙109).


You should output the number of high-quality goods and the number of goods at moderate price, which should be bought to guarantee the minimal duration of imprisonment for Victor. The numbers should be separated by single space. If the problem has several solutions, you should output any of them.


8 5 22
2 1
Problem Author: Nikita Rybak, Ilya Grebnov, Dmitry Kovalioff
Problem Source: Timus Top Coders: First Challenge
To submit the solution for this problem go to the Problem set: 1430. Crime and Punishment