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Ural SU contest. Petrozavodsk training camp. Summer 2008

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E. Drunk King

Time limit: 1.0 second
Memory limit: 64 MB
Drunk king is a piece which moves as a usual chess king (i. e. to one of eight adjacent cells), but cannot make two consecutive moves in the same direction. Drunk king stands in an upper-left corner of an N × M chessboard and wants to visit each cell exactly once and return to initial position. His path must have no self-intersections.
Here are the examples of correct tours:
Problem illustration
Help the king to find the required tour.


The only input line contains 2 integers: N and M (2 ≤ N, M ≤ 500).


In the first line output “Yes” or “No” depending on whether the required tour exists. If the tour exists, output it in the next 2N − 1 lines with symbols “o” (ASCII code 111), “|” (code 124), “-” (code 45), “/” (code 47), “\” (code 92) and spaces. Each of these lines should contain exactly 2M − 1 symbols. Use the format shown in the sample below. If there are many tours, you can output any of them.


6 8
o-o o-o o-o o-o
|  \| |/  |/  |
o-o o o o o o-o
  |    / \   \ 
o-o o-o o-o o-o
|    \   \   \ 
o-o o-o o-o o-o
  |  \   \   \ 
o-o o o o-o o o
|  /| | |  /| |
o-o o-o o-o o-o
5 5
Problem Author: Igor Chevdar
Problem Source: Ural SU Contest. Petrozavodsk Summer Session, August 2008
To submit the solution for this problem go to the Problem set: 1674. Drunk King