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USU Championship 2007

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A. GM-pineapple

Time limit: 1.0 second
Memory limit: 64 MB
Problem illustration
As you know, Ravshan's and Jhamshud's team is now building one of the “Ural Guards” towers. On a Skyscraper Builder's Day (yes, there is such a holiday) their foreman bought his workers a pineapple as a present. Not an usual pineapple, but a genetically modified one. The builders wanted to divide the pineapple as fairly as they could. The problem was pondered on for quite a long time, and eventually the men came up with a solution. They put the pineapple on its side, then used measuring tape and a circular saw to cut the fruit into n flat discs of equal thickness. Ravshan (yes, that's you) is recognized as the wisest one among the workers, so they made you give out the pieces fairly to everyone in the group. You (that is, Ravshan, as you remember) aren't born yesterday, so you told fellow builders that you will hand out the pieces as soon as you determine the weight of each piece. But what an ill luck — there are no scales in workers' toolboxes. Nevertheless, it's known that GM-pineapples all have the shape of ellipsoid of revolution. This particular pineapple is a centimeters wide and b centimeters long (b > a), and 1 cubic centimeter of a GM-pineapple weighs exactly 1 gram. You understood this knowledge is enough to determine the weight of each piece.


The single line of input contains 3 decimal numbers: a and b — width and length of the pineapple (in centimeters, measured exactly with slide gauge; 1 ≤ a < b ≤ 100), followed by n — number of pieces (1 ≤ n ≤ 100).


Output the weight of each piece in grams with microgram precision, in order of cutting. Place each number on a separate line.


15 20.5 8
Problem Author: Denis Musin
Problem Source: The XIIth USU Programing Championship, October 6, 2007
To submit the solution for this problem go to the Problem set: 1562. GM-pineapple