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USU Open Personal Contest 2009

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F. Orthography

Time limit: 0.5 second
Memory limit: 64 MB
Vasya's father is good not only at mathematics but also at orthography. But the father doesn't like that Vasya gets good grades only because he copies homework assignments prepared by his father. That is why the father decided to alter the scheme of preparing his son's English assignments.
Now the father doesn't just give a ready text to his son. He modifies it as follows. First he writes the middle symbol of the text (if the symbols in the text are numbered from 1 to n, then the middle symbol has the number (1 + n) div 2). After that he writes according to this rule the left part of the text and then the right part. For example, if we apply the procedure to the word orthography, we get gtorhoprahy. Poor Vasya has to solve these “riddles”.
To understand Vasya's plight, try to solve the following riddle: “one eye, one horn, but not a rhino”. Or decode the answer: “reo ac wpeosr tu fdbmo heinoa  cnrer”. Will you help Vasya now?


The only input line contains the text of Vasya's homework that his father has written for him. The text is no longer than 20000 symbols: English letters, spaces, and punctuation marks.


In a single line output the decoded text of the homework. The line must end with the line end character.


kyaVs alisse uop.
Vasya likes soup.
Problem Author: Eugene Krokhalev
Problem Source: USU Open Personal Contest 2009 (February 28, 2009)
To submit the solution for this problem go to the Problem set: 1685. Orthography