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University academic school olympiad in informatics 2019

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E. The Knowledge Day

Time limit: 1.0 second
Memory limit: 256 MB
Every year on the 1st of September every school hosts a festive school assembly dedicated to the Knowledge Day. The assembly is considered festive if and only if the students are lined up in order of their heights (doesn’t matter ascending or descending).
Class teacher of the 1st grade students was terrified to discover that students were lined up in the wrong order. If nobody does anything, the assembly will not be festive and nobody will like it.
The ceremony starts in 5 minutes and it’s still possible to save the situation! The problem is that every transposition of students in the line leads to a long-lasting argument. That’s why there is only time to swap 2 students.


The first line contains a single integer number n (1 ≤ n ≤ 105) — the number of students. The second line contains n integer numbers separated with a space ai (0 ≤ ai ≤ 109) — heights of the students in the same order they are lined up in.


If class teacher is wrong and the assembly is already festive  — output the string “Nothing to do here” (without quotes).
Otherwise, if it is possible to make the assembly festive, performing a single swap of 2 students  — output the string “Yes” (without quotes), and in the next line output 2 numbers separated with a space  — the indexes of these students. Students are numerated starting from 1. If there are several answers, you may output any of them.
If no swap of 2 students will make the assembly festive  — output the string “No hope” (without quotes).


150 160 170
Nothing to do here
140 160 150 170
1 4
Problem Author: Ivan Smirnov
Problem Source: University academic school olympiad in informatics 2019
To submit the solution for this problem go to the Problem set: 2115. The Knowledge Day