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Problem set. Volume 10


1900Brainwashing DeviceUral Championship 2012484483

1901Space ElevatorsUral Championship 2012537436

1902Neo-VeniceUral Championship 2012238899

1903Unidentified ShipsUral Championship 2012292789

1904The Lessons of the PastUral Championship 2012585401

1905Travel in TimeUral Championship 20122281002

1906The Lost CivilizationUral Championship 2012266622

1907Coffee and BunsUral Championship 20121981146

1908Brute-force SearchUral Championship 20121221806

1909Space ReconUral Championship 2012494041

1910Titan Ruins: Hidden EntranceNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional724433

1911Titan Ruins: Overtaking FireNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional533775

1912Titan Ruins: Passing through WallsNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional253904

1913Titan Ruins: Alignment of ForcesNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1381607

1914Titan Ruins: Serial ControlNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional474173

1915Titan Ruins: Reconstruction of BygonesNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1239190

1916Titan Ruins: Waiting for StabilityNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional732866

1917Titan Ruins: Deadly AccuracyNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1168202

1918Titan Ruins: Artful ManipulationsNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional285806

1919Titan Ruins: Transformation of CylindersNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1201830

1920Titan Ruins: the Infinite Power of MagicNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional385602

1921Chaos and OrderUral Regional School Programming Contest 20122021119

1922Superhero TeamUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012858273

1923Scary PoliticsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012504462

1924Four ImpsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012675235

1925British Scientists Save the WorldUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012382862

1926The Tournament of IntelligencesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012254899

1927Herbs and MagicUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012233977

1928Another Ecology ProblemUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012347665

1929Teddybears are not for EveryoneUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012723324

1930Ivan's CarUral Regional School Programming Contest 20121358173

1931Excellent TeamUral FU Championship 20121602147

1932The Secret of IdentifierUral FU Championship 2012270844

1933Guns for Battle!Ural FU Championship 2012667349

1934Black SpotUral FU Championship 2012741315

1935Tears of DrownedUral FU Championship 2012327672

1936RoshamboUral FU Championship 20122191031

1937Davy Jones’s OrganUral FU Championship 20122031109

1938Caribbean TriangleUral FU Championship 2012434456

1939First SealUral FU Championship 2012317722

1940Not So Simple YearsUral FU Championship 2012313731

1941Scary Martian WordUral FU Personal Contest 2012610374

1942Attack at the OrbitUral FU Personal Contest 2012409553

1943Space RummyUral FU Personal Contest 2012295760

1944Record of the Attack at the OrbitUral FU Personal Contest 20121154199

1945Many-armed BrothersUral FU Personal Contest 2012722827

1946Chinese Hockey 3Ural FU Personal Contest 20121351599

1947MeanderUral FU Personal Contest 20121461486

1948The Robot on the LineUral FU Personal Contest 20122011099

1949The Best Picture in the GalaxyUral FU Personal Contest 20121791227

1950Martian FarmlandsUral FU Personal Contest 20121191797

1951Complex RootPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection1241637

1952To Kill the DragonPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection1010968

1953Biggest Inscribed EllipsePetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection892216

1954Five PalindromesPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection543428

1955Boss, I Can See You!Petrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection662887

1956Fire SignalsPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection902194

1957MundialPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection364770

1958Algorithm of Professor IvanovPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection563324

1959GOV-internship 3Petrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection234899

1960Palindromes and Super AbilitiesPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection501429

1961Cantonese DialectUral FU Personal Contest 2013276765

1962In Chinese RestaurantUral FU Personal Contest 2013303699

1963KiteUral FU Personal Contest 2013484443

1964Chinese DialectsUral FU Personal Contest 20131481147

1965Pear TreesUral FU Personal Contest 2013216968

1966Cycling RoadsUral FU Personal Contest 2013340625

1967Programmer CasinoUral FU Personal Contest 2013354864

1968Glass PyramidUral FU Personal Contest 20131471394

1969Hong Kong TramUral FU Personal Contest 2013812405

1970皇后像廣場Ural FU Personal Contest 20131991047

1971Graphics SettingsUral Championship 2013364577

1972Game TestingUral Championship 2013662838

1973Location GeneratorUral Championship 2013325135

1974Similar TunesUral Championship 2013212971

1975Model of the EarthUral Championship 2013453921

1976Game OptimizationUral Championship 20131841112

1977Energy WallUral Championship 2013822344

1978E-LiteUral Championship 2013702696

1979Resources DistributionUral Championship 20131781147

1980Road to InvestorUral Championship 2013362580

1981Parallel and PerpendicularUral FU Championship 2013576358

1982Electrification PlanUral FU Championship 20131696123

1983Nectar GatheringUral FU Championship 20131421380

1984Dummy GuyUral FU Championship 20131190175

1985Prime SquareUral FU Championship 20131201614

1986Paul’s SaladsUral FU Championship 2013204980

1987Nested SegmentsUral FU Championship 20131109188

1988Planet Ocean LandingUral FU Championship 2013205976

1989SubpalindromesUral FU Championship 2013695298

1990PodracingNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional235854

1991The battle near the swampNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional475044

1992CVSNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional625330

1993This cheeseburger you don't needNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional1182176

1994The Emperor's planNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional225891

1995Illegal spicesNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional415492

1996Cipher Message 3NEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional1951021

1997Those are not the droids you're looking forNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional449456

1998The old PadawanNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional676305

1999The secret moduleNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional265813