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Problem set. Volume 6


1500Pass LicensesNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional698629

1501Sense of BeautyNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1680263

1502Domino DotsNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional601174

1503PolynomialNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional2461739

1504Good MannersNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1892238

1505Oil TransferNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1502783

1506Columns of NumbersNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional2898153

1507Difficult DecisionNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1018433

1508Japanese PuzzleNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional2661613

1509Domino RecognitionNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1193452

1510OrderNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional508287

1511Fiscal OperationsTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge3711156

1512ZiniumTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge520831

1513Lemon TaleTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1168374

1514National ParkTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge2401761

1515CashmasterTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge2071212

1516NostalgiaTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge2471713

1517Freedom of ChoiceTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1587276

1518Jedi Riddle 3Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge4151036

1519Formula 1Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge996438

1520Empire Strikes BackTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1652516

1521War Games 2Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge2263194

1522FactoryPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2151928

1523K-inversionsPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1420303

1524Men in BlackPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2711721

1525PathPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest911471

1526Martian PlatesPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest3131343

1527Bad RoadsPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest3561185

1528SequencePetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1642263

1529Game of SquaresPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1053771

1530Ones and ZeroesPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest476892

1531Zones on a PlanePetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest3051377

1532Lost in TranslationUSU Personal Contest 20072052011

1533Fat HobbitsUSU Personal Contest 20074011052

1534Football in GondorUSU Personal Contest 2007752567

1535The Hobbit or There and Back AgainUSU Personal Contest 2007879486

1536Delights of Pipe-weedUSU Personal Contest 2007526974

1537EntsUSU Personal Contest 20071528281

1538Towers of GuardUSU Personal Contest 20073331261

1539Intelligence DataUSU Personal Contest 20073921076

1540Battle for the RingUSU Personal Contest 20073941070

1541ChaseUSU Personal Contest 20071912151

1542AutocompletionUral Championship 2007665633

1543Dance RevolutionUral Championship 20071892148

1544Classmates 3Ural Championship 20073471197

1545HieroglyphsUral Championship 2007829351

1546Japanese SortingUral Championship 2007480872

1547Password SearchUral Championship 2007502835

1548Sakura and StatisticsUral Championship 20071715832

1549Another Japanese PuzzleUral Championship 20071722349

1550Dean's Pyramid 3Ural Championship 2007694607

1551Sumo TournamentUral Championship 20071422299

1552BrainfuckPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest3421171

1553Caves and TunnelsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest1358301

1554Multiplicative FunctionsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest638636

1555Find the Treasure!Petrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest349368

1556Multishot in the Secret Cow LevelPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest349368

1557Network AttackPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest2281732

1558Periodical NumbersPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest488828

1559TruCoders LinguisticsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest894163

1560Elementary Symmetric FunctionsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest416968

1561Winnie the PoohPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest1352843

1562GM-pineappleUSU Championship 2007980415

1563BayanUSU Championship 2007724357

1564Counting OnesUSU Championship 2007602671

1565The Duel for ThreeUSU Championship 20072271733

1566Triangular PostcardsUSU Championship 20071263021

1567SMS-spamUSU Championship 20071023240

1568Train Car SortingUSU Championship 20072451611

1569Networking the “Iset”USU Championship 20074001002

1570Eating HighUSU Championship 2007444905

1571InterpretersUSU Championship 2007927438

1572Yekaterinozavodsk Great WellAutumn School Contest 20072871142

1573AlchemyAutumn School Contest 20073938104

1574Mathematicians and bracketsAutumn School Contest 20071148354

1575Yekaterinburg Subway 2Autumn School Contest 2007441909

1576Telephone TariffsAutumn School Contest 20072836144

1577E-mailAutumn School Contest 2007852476

1578Mammoth HuntAutumn School Contest 2007461871

1579Coat TransportationAutumn School Contest 2007839483

1580Dean's DebtsAutumn School Contest 2007456880

1581TeamworkAutumn School Contest 2007992841

1582BookmakersNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional3498117

1583CheeseNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional2121841

1584Pharaohs’ SecretsNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional3071289

1585PenguinsNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1028840

1586Threeprime NumbersNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional2821144

1587Flying PigNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional501800

1588JamaicaNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1282316

1589SokobanNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1020438

1590Bacon’s CipherNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1990204

1591Abstract ThinkingNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional3891024

1592Chinese WatchesNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional682591

1593Square Country. Version 2502713

1594Aztec Treasure654729

1595Perfect Sequence3011140

1596Knight Mare199307

1597Chernobyl’ Eagle on a Roof. Version 2892046

1598DSA Attack344562

1599Winding Number562640