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Problem set. Volume 9


1800Murphy's LawNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1666183

1801The Revolution CupNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional485291

1802Cube PuzzleNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1501918

1803The Czechs' RiflesNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional448670

1804The Machinegunners in a PlayoffNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional828366

1805Chapaev and a Cipher GrilleNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional331900

1806Mobile TelegraphsNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional760399

1807Cartridges for MaximNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional2161358

1808Chapaev at the Planet OceanNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1611794

1809Chapaev and PotatoesNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional549549

1810AntiequationsPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest683836

1811Dual-SIM PhonePetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest2141336

1812The Island of Bad Luck 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1042624

1813Random ShufflerPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1921481

1814Continued FractionPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest863117

1815Farm in San AndreasPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest604274

1816Troubles with PollardPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1192319

1817Merry-go-roundPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest301962

1818Fair FishermenPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1431956

1819Professional ApproachPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest356649

1820Ural SteaksUSU Personal Contest 20111147126

1821BiathlonUSU Personal Contest 20111829161

1822Hugo II's WarUSU Personal Contest 2011448645

1823Ideal GasUSU Personal Contest 2011931314

1824Ifrit BomberUSU Personal Contest 2011290984

1825Ifrit Bomber 2USU Personal Contest 2011347827

1826MinefieldUSU Personal Contest 20111029284

1827Indigenous WarsUSU Personal Contest 20112661070

1828Approximation by a ProgressionUSU Personal Contest 2011678429

1829Routing TablesUSU Personal Contest 2011863075

1830Help in the RNOSUral Championship 2011334848

1831Tsyfirkin's LessonUral Championship 20111282114

1832Arirang ShowUral Championship 2011334848

1833Hopes of RowingUral Championship 20111052537

1834Tennis RacketUral Championship 2011564421

1835Swamp DoctorUral Championship 2011912889

1836Babel FishUral Championship 20112651061

1837Isenbaev's NumberUral Championship 2011506957

1838Samurai's StrokeUral Championship 2011439650

1839The MentaculusUral Championship 20111112411

1840Victim of AdvertisingUral Championship 2011238842

1841CablewaysPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1212140

1842Local RootsPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest346371

1843Cutting a ParallelepipedPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest643788

1844Warlord of the Army of MagesPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1821460

1845Integer-valued Complex DeterminantPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest554312

1846GCD 2010Petrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1890148

1847ZamkadyePetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest544380

1848Fly HuntPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest405606

1849Rabbit Hunt 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1122298

1850Space TourismPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest952670

1851GOV-internshipPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest1661590

1852Cube in a Cube in a CubePetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest1102332

1853Laser TechnologiesPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest297175

1854Negotiations with ParthiansPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest695397

1855Trade Guilds of ErathiaPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest2271181

1856War and PeacePetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest673634

1857Alice and BandersnatchPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest2231201

1858Magic CubePetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest613941

1859Last Season of Team.GOVPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest564240

1860FiborialPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest634435

1861Graveyard in DeyjaPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest296914

1862Very Wealthy MoleUral FU Championship 20112351135

1863Peaceful AtomUral FU Championship 2011279962

1864Get-Together at Den'sUral FU Championship 20111754158

1865The Island of MärketUral FU Championship 2011803090

1866Poetic FootUral FU Championship 2011398682

1867NanotechnologiesUral FU Championship 20111072377

1868Prediction ContestUral FU Championship 20111960141

1869New Year CruiseUral FU Championship 20111302212

1870Zinium 2Ural FU Championship 2011442615

1871Seismic WavesUral FU Championship 2011482565

1872Spacious OfficeUral FU Championship 2011381711

1873GOV ChroniclesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011807340

1874Football GoalUral Regional School Programming Contest 20111554177

1875Angry BirdsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011304884

1876Centipede's MorningUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011541551

1877Bicycle CodesUral Regional School Programming Contest 20111438119

1878Rubinchik's CubeUral Regional School Programming Contest 20111440191

1879GOV-internship 2Ural Regional School Programming Contest 20112021309

1880Psych Up's EigenvaluesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011909830

1881Long problem statementUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011479158

1882Old NokiaUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011932695

1883Ent's BirthdayUral Regional School Programming Contest 20112431097

1884Way to the UniversityUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011433627

1885Passenger ComfortNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1383199

1886Trip 2NEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1361897

1887Frequent Flyer CardNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional2671000

1888Pilot Work ExperienceNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional637428

1889Airport AnnouncementsNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional993276

1890Money out of Thin AirNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional601453

1891Language OceanNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional435622

1892Morning in KoltsovoNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional341789

1893A380NEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional499655

1894Non-Flying WeatherNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1471764

1895Steaks on BoardNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1272022

1896War Games 2.1170863

1897Alice and Bob and a string134211