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1023ButtonsAutumn School Contest 20006842205

1045Funny GameUSU Local Contest. March 20002704506

1051Simple Game on a GridUSU Local Contest. March 20002745498

1060Flip GameNEERC 20003650355

1087The Time to Take StonesSpring School Contest 20014454277

1122GameAutumn School Contest 20011889240

1163ChapaevNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional2261933

1166Funny Card GameNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional1213579

1180Stone GameUSU Personal Contest 2002531486

1195Ouths and CrossesSpring School Contest 20021806252

1216Two Pawns and One KingUSU Championship 20022162046

1240Heroes of Might and MagicNEERC 20023241387

1282Game TreeNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1392335

1374MisereUral Championship 2005. Round 13211402

1380Ostap's ChessPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest1094025

1397Points Game2401766

1398Bishop and Pawn480880

1465Pawn GamePetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest887497

1474About FrogsPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest623697

1488ACM PokerUSU Championship 20062751543

1529Game of SquaresPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest924176

1540Battle for the RingUSU Personal Contest 20073751103

1555Find the Treasure!Petrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest2511546

1610CactusesUral Championship 20081941890

1622EndspielPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest1023324

2068Game of NutsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015184587

2104Game with a StripUral FU Junior Championship 2016446293

2151MahjongUral School Programming Contest 202028912