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Mathlilipottter1276. Train9 Sep 2020 03:010  
If you have WA 2Alexey Dergunov [Samara SAU]1922. Superhero Team8 Sep 2020 15:493  
WA10, can you give me tests?Daniil1110. Power7 Sep 2020 22:571  
Solvable with DP (TLE)guilty spark1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles7 Sep 2020 17:150  
For wa#25guilty spark1671. Anansi's Cobweb7 Sep 2020 15:220  
WA8 Please, explain, what is the reason?Solverdce1320. Graph Decomposition7 Sep 2020 14:591  
my researchcoder2125. Continue the Sequence6 Sep 2020 19:400  
if you are not a f*****g mathematicianИван Вадимович Егоров1209. 1, 10, 100, 1000...6 Sep 2020 18:490  
Reason for WA#13dezaixing1039. Anniversary Party3 Sep 2020 20:047  
Sterling number of second kindRishabh Jain1142. Relations3 Sep 2020 18:300  
why WA 3?Mapu2145. Olympiad for Everyone2 Sep 2020 23:501  
WA#18BOBUR_OG'O!!!1200. Horns and Hoofs2 Sep 2020 18:320  
Hint to this questionguilty spark1032. Find a Multiple30 Aug 2020 14:090  
some testcasereshke2092. Bolero29 Aug 2020 21:010  
What is up with multiplication by 9?guilty spark1033. Labyrinth29 Aug 2020 13:011  
Hint to this questionguilty spark1023. Buttons29 Aug 2020 11:090  
python wrong answer helpakidra_88811366. Presents27 Aug 2020 12:503  
Hint and SolutionAleshinAndrei1562. GM-pineapple26 Aug 2020 19:260  
Standard Interval tree with sum can be used (-)Levon Oganesyan1061. Buffer Manager26 Aug 2020 01:400  
Solutionkaiboy1061. Buffer Manager26 Aug 2020 01:071  

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