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Read carefully the statement Deepesson1844. Warlord of the Army of Mages5 Jan 2021 02:060  
Remark on the problem statementInstouT941422. Fireflies4 Jan 2021 22:321  
HintYerdaulet2002. Test Task3 Jan 2021 20:400  
Solution is very intuitive. Mahilewets2095. Scrum2 Jan 2021 20:061  
WA #7Deepesson1476. Lunar Code2 Jan 2021 00:252  
Case #4Deepesson1476. Lunar Code1 Jan 2021 22:450  
This problem is very hard(easy),I cannot(can) solve it!Accepted1000. A+B Problem1 Jan 2021 04:461  
It is not possible to find solution using bruteforce for python.master82821005. Stone Pile1 Jan 2021 03:211  
HintMickkie2132. Graph Decomposition. Version 230 Dec 2020 19:371  
brute-forcelian lian1535. The Hobbit or There and Back Again29 Dec 2020 20:151  
WA #5, HELP ME PLEASE! ! ! !zhiganov_v1351. Good Gnusmas – Dead Gnusmas28 Dec 2020 22:490  
WA8 What is testL_nai1005. Stone Pile28 Dec 2020 21:031  
WA#8. Give me some testsIlya1005. Stone Pile28 Dec 2020 21:031  
HintOpenGL1514. National Park28 Dec 2020 19:501  
what is the way to the solution?TinyJanssen1889. Airport Announcements28 Dec 2020 16:442  
Has anyone passed using only randomization without cheating ?Manciu Ion1394. Ships. Version 227 Dec 2020 23:434  
Explanation of problem statementSkidanovAlex1740. Deer is Better!27 Dec 2020 14:143  
Для тех, кто не понялDaulet1740. Deer is Better!27 Dec 2020 14:052  
кривое условие
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Rybinsk SAAT (Nechaev, Kiselev, Mirzoyan)1740. Deer is Better!27 Dec 2020 14:0449  
why greedy is right?Edric Mao1108. Heritage27 Dec 2020 11:434  

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