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TL#23Zergatul2132. Graph Decomposition. Version 230 Mar 2021 18:180  
hintToshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1781. Clean Code30 Mar 2021 17:050  
I keep getting Runtime Error Issue. Could someone help me resolve this? - PYTHON 3 basedPratik Kumar Basu1030. Titanic30 Mar 2021 16:350  
Accepted simple way how to compute sum of distancesGleb Dubosarskii1726. Visits29 Mar 2021 20:431  
What if I tell you that you don't need to find words placementsFatalityNT1164. Fillword25 Mar 2021 01:130  
Time limitedТимур2117. Polyphemus' triples24 Mar 2021 14:470  
Wrong answer 10Тимур2113. Survive the flood24 Mar 2021 12:280  
The time limitSavchuk Nickolay1118. Nontrivial Numbers23 Mar 2021 17:290  
18 Wrong answerТимур2112. Battle log22 Mar 2021 13:370  
Dynamic programming by profile?sadovnik2143. Victoria!22 Mar 2021 13:272  
WA#7pavelkaryukov1586. Threeprime Numbers22 Mar 2021 02:321  
What is difficulty of correct solution?Zergatul2118. Ciphertext21 Mar 2021 08:150  
wa#6...visitor1322. Spy19 Mar 2021 03:552  
WA on test 25Casio991ms1489. Points on a Parallelepiped18 Mar 2021 22:310  
WA18tepamid1275. Knights of the Round Table18 Mar 2021 19:020  
Нет теста на одно отрицательное число...vtalgo21_gsavon1296. Hyperjump17 Mar 2021 02:241  
WA #26👨🏻‍💻 Spatarel Dan Constantin2151. Mahjong16 Mar 2021 16:140  
Help with WA 4 plsDmitriy1380. Ostap's Chess14 Mar 2021 21:060  
proving the approach correctBogatyr1457. Heating Main14 Mar 2021 17:505  
WA #5 wrong answerTheodike1306. Sequence Median14 Mar 2021 15:462  

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