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Why wrong answer?:(((((Anasyasia2012. About Grisha N.3 Nov 2022 12:340  
WA6 on C++? Use BigInt header onlyRaphael1012. K-based Numbers. Version 23 Nov 2022 06:340  
if U HABE PROBLEM 69 👑TIMOFEY👑1643. Attack of the Dark Fortress2 Nov 2022 15:390  
wa 2👑TIMOFEY👑1258. Pool2 Nov 2022 13:410  
wa 5👑TIMOFEY👑1067. Disk Tree2 Nov 2022 10:210  
AC - C# и Причина MLE на 11 тестеKergan1100. Final Standings2 Nov 2022 03:570  
WA #8BZz131152. False Mirrors2 Nov 2022 02:261  
wa 2👑TIMOFEY👑1682. Crazy Professor1 Nov 2022 22:530  
WA 3👑TIMOFEY👑1939. First Seal1 Nov 2022 15:140  
VERY NICE PROBLEM FOR PYTHICS👑TIMOFEY👑1939. First Seal1 Nov 2022 15:130  
Some testsLoky_Yuri [USTU Frogs]1326. Bottle Taps1 Nov 2022 11:081  
wa19👑TIMOFEY👑1574. Mathematicians and brackets1 Nov 2022 11:070  
TLE 8. How can I optimise my code? (Python)Maksim1196. History Exam1 Nov 2022 08:231  
Why that's not working? Hint please! Shahalam222012. About Grisha N.31 Oct 2022 19:440  
how do it more simply👑TIMOFEY👑1116. Piecewise Constant Function31 Oct 2022 17:440  
WA on 25Rami Ismael2034. Caravans31 Oct 2022 13:571  
wa 10👑TIMOFEY👑1401. Gamers30 Oct 2022 13:330  
wa 10👑TIMOFEY👑1401. Gamers30 Oct 2022 13:320  
please help pythonPundit1820. Ural Steaks30 Oct 2022 08:581  
To Denis Chertanov Help with wa48Groote2067. Friends and Berries29 Oct 2022 18:401  

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